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Pastor’s Bookshelf: Parents & Children

At Harvest we believe that the best discipleship for children takes place in the home. The church’s role is to partner with parents and families to equip and resource them in doing this work. The church can also provide a healthy context for Christ-centered relationships with other families doing the same. Deuteronomy 6 informs us: […]

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Harvest Milestone Gathering

The Harvest Milestone Gathering was a celebration to remember and look forward to God’s goodness at Harvest! We looked back at the seven years of God’s story at Harvest Church of Southern Illinois and prayerfully looked forward to the years to come!

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Pastor’s Bookshelf: Sanctification

Sanctification is an essential aspect of the life of a Christ-follower. Romans 6 makes this truth abundantly clear. A.W. Tozer said, “The Holy Spirit never enters a man and then lets him live like the world. You can be sure of that.” Charles Spurgeon said, “If he gives you the grace to make you believe, […]

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Four Attributes of Scripture

Four Attributes of Scripture  There are four attributes that are helpful to observe and recognize about the Scriptures. These attributes are the authority, perspicuity (clarity), necessity, and sufficiency of the Scriptures. These attributes help us to develop our understanding about the character, attributes, and nature of God and His purpose of the Scriptures. Moreover, they […]

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