At Harvest we exist to adore Jesus, advance believers, and assist the community. The best way we know how to accomplish this mission is by connecting with God and each other through three different pillars. These pillars are Worship, Life Groups, and Servant Teams. We believe that adoring Jesus in worship, connecting with God and others centered around the Scriptures, and serving others in our community are three vital aspects of being a Christ-follower. In addition there are several other ways to get connected at Harvest including covenant membership, VERGE (accountability) Groups, Harvest Kids, Harvest Students, Counseling, and more!

There are four easy steps to getting connected to each pillar at Harvest. First, we encourage you to DISCOVER what each pillar represents in the life of a Christ-follower. For worship this means joining us for worship on Sunday Mornings and learning what it means to adore Jesus on a consistent basis. For Life Groups this means checking out our different Life Groups to help you advance as a believer. For Servant Teams this means discovering your spiritual gifts to use in service of others and assisting our community. Second, we hope that you would ENGAGE in all three pillars. Join us for worship, visit and join a Life Group, and sample, test drive, and join a Servant Team based on your spiritual gifts. Third, our prayer is to THRIVE by attending these regularly to grow in relationship with God and others. Finally, we seek to MULTIPLY by sharing our faith with others, inviting them into a relationship with Christ through Life Groups, and sharing our spiritual gifts through helping others discover how they are designed to give God glory.

Below you will find how you can get connected to these three pillars and more here at Harvest. In addition, through filling out our connection card you can let us know how we can help you get connected to the body of Christ at Harvest.

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