Welcome to Awana Clubs! We meet Sundays from 5:15pm-6:45pm and we have clubs for children from 2 years through the 5th Grade!

Awana Registration Application:

Parent/Guardian Information:

Child Information:

 Puggles (2s and 3s) Cubbies (4s - Pre-K) Sparks (Kind. - 2nd grade) T&T (3rd - 5th grades)

Additional Information:

Besides the parent(s)/guardian(s), who is authorized to pick up the child/children?

Please name any persons RESTRICTED from picking up the child (if a court order is in effect, we MUST have a current copy on file with the Awana commander/administrator)

In case of emergency, whom should we call in the event the parent(s)/guardian(s) cannot be reached?

Permission/Consent/Release of Liability
By checking below, you do hereby request that your child be permitted to participate in the Harvest Church SI Awana ministry. You agree to allow your child to be photographed for Awana ministry purposes and understand that his or her picture may appear on Harvest Church SI promotional items (digital, print, online). You agree to hold harmless Harvest Church SI or any of their agents in the event of accident, illness, injury, or death, which may occur during any and all activity (Awana sponsored activities).

*Required field

If you prefer to download and print your application to be filled out manually, you can do that as well! Just follow the instructions below to download the form as a PDF, print and fill it out at home, then return it to the staff here at Harvest Church SI.

To download the PDF, right click the link above and choose the "Save" option (wording may vary depending on your browser).