Jonah, chapter 1

I often hear people say that they prefer the God of the New Testament to the God of the Old Testament. Hmmmm. First of all, it’s the same God. Second, while I think I understand the perspective of the statement, I disagree with it. For example, the God we meet in the book of Jonah is awesome and winsome.

Look at chapter one with me.

We meet a God Who condescends to speak to us (vs. 1) even though He is offended by sin (vs. 2) and continually rebuffed by people who run from Him (vs. 3).

And while we may not want to admit it, our sin ALWAYS affects others around us (vss. 4-10). Yet we continually attempt to deal with our sin in our own strength and in our own ways. (vss. 11, 13).

But God has a marvelous, miraculous plan for dealing with our sin (vss. 12, 14, 17). And when we deal with our sin GOD’S WAY, the result is great calm and peace (vss. 15-16).

There is no “God of the OT” and “God of the NT”. There’s just God. And He wants to forgive our sins more than we want them to be forgiven. You’re no different than Jonah. God forgave Jonah. God used Jonah. And He can use you, too.

But He’s got to deal with your sin first. Has He? We’ll look at chapter 2 next time.