Think through something with me: Why do you do what you do where you’re doing it? Could you be doing what you do somewhere else? Could you be doing what you do for another employer? The answer to both questions is, “yes”.

So, right now, in this season, at this point in your life, in this venue, surrounded by these people…….ah, there it is! May I contend, Christ-follower, that you are where you are right now for “these people”. This is why you’re where you are.

We all have (or had, if retired) an avocation, a “thing” we do for financial compensation. We need money to get by. God certainly knows that. Too many people, Christ-followers in particular, believe that what they do for money is their job / career. It simply isn’t. Our “job” is to make disciples of the nations. That’s what we’re to give the majority of our time and attention to. And the theater of our avocation (where we do what we do for the money we earn) is the exact place where God wants us to do our “jobs”! Until He moves me along or takes me home, I’m exactly where my Sovereign God wants me to be right now.

I could be doing what I do somewhere else. We all could. So I’m going to believe that He’s working all things together for my good and for His glory. Let me take stock in this thought: God has “wired” me for relationship. A relationship with Him, a relationship with my spouse, a relationship with my kids, a relationship with my grandkids, relationships with my work mates, etc….. And we see Jesus building His Father’s kingdom through relationship. How different and satisfying would my life be if I would dare to lean into that truth: God has me right where He wants me. The people that are in my life presently are the people from whom God wants me to glean and into whom God wants me to invest. And I must be faithful and fully present where He has me in this hour until He clearly moves me to the next assignment. Soli Deo gloria (to the glory of God alone)!